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Excess or rare earth export quota of 8,000 tons

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Giving this year's quota is not exhausted earth, rare earth export quotas next year is bound to be reduced, but the magnitude is not large, estimated to be controlled at 30,000 tons or less. "Chinese Rare Earth Society Preparatory Office parties, said in an interview.

It is reported that in 2011, China's first batch of rare earth export quota for the general trade 14,446 tons, the second batch of quotas 15,738 tons, the annual quota of up to 30,184 tons. The Wikipedia information statistics, from January to September this year, China's total exports of rare earth (including metal and oxide) 12,000 tons. According to general manager Zhang Baotou Steel Rare Earth information previously disclosed to the media, as of the end of June, China's rare earth export total degree, but about 7,000 tons, compared to the same period in 2010, a drop of more than 60%, this is not third batch of rare earth export quotas by half.

And by weak demand, the domestic rare earth prices are still downward trend. Social business price monitoring shows that on November 4 to 18, praseodymium neodymium oxide down 6.67%, down 5.26% neodymium oxide, dysprosium ferroalloy drop of 5.88%, 5.56% praseodymium neodymium alloy, fell 5% praseodymium oxide, dysprosium oxide fell 3.75%. "Downstream users expect more low-cost, waiting to see atmosphere, the whole rare earth market traded flat." Social business of rare earth industry analyst Liu Rui Star in the "Daily Economic News" reporter, said, Baotou and other companies failed to radically cut changes brought about by the pre-surge supply and demand imbalance.

In Liu Rui Star seems likely to decline next year quota of rare earth, "quota production and consumption as well as to consider the international demand, etc., used up to now this year's quota, the quota may lead to next year appear small decline.

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