Neodymium Arc Magnets

Neodymium Arc Magnets

Neodymium Arc Magnets is a special shape of neodymium magnets. These magnets can be assembled together to form a ring and bonded to an iron housing. They are used widely in motor and generator applications. Neodymium arc magnets are designed to work at high temperature and have low weight lost in high speed rotating applications.

We can provide almost all grades in large quantity. In addition, if you customized products, please send the specifications to
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To receive a quote for Neodymium Arc magnets, please provide the following details: Outer Diameter, Inner Diameter or, Degree of Angle, Thickness, Length, Grades, Coating, Tolerances and Magnetization Direction ( North on the Outside Face/South on the Outside Face/Magnetized through Circumference/Magnetized through Thickness ).

Neodymium Arc Magnets Sheets

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